Workplace campaigns in 2021

Today we are recognizing the importance of workplace campaigns. This year we saw organized workplace campaigns through the Government of Canada’s Charitable Workplace Campaign and Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board.

Federal retirees and workers’ contributions were also joined by $3,864.00 raised from the 2021 CIRNAC auction featuring items provided by public servants within Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

The donations we received in 2021 will go towards are annual funding allocation in February 2022 to help Yukon non-profits deliver essential programs and projects that help make our community stronger and healthier.

Thank you all! See more on our 2021 Donor Recognition page

Find out more about payroll checkoff here on our Ways To Give page.

Workplace campaigns 2021

Government of Canada Charitable Workplace Campaign 2021
Retirees total$3,040 
Employees total  $15,571
Grand total$18,611.00
Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board
Employees total$890

Thank you all!

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