CBC Yukon interview: David Whiteside

United Way Yukon President David Whiteside was a guest on CBC North’s Midday Cafe May 5.

The lunchtime radio show’s “A Time to Give” series has been hearing from charities and individuals making a difference in the Yukon.

David has been our volunteer president since 2014. He spoke with Midday Cafe guest host George Maratos.

Listen to this interview here

In this chat, David speaks about United Way Yukon, introducing it to people who might be unfamiliar. He mentions fundraising efforts such as payroll donations, our recent allocations to Yukon charities and how we are seeking volunteers to help United Way Yukon raise funds in our community.

“Our songsheet is like everybody else’s! We need volunteers on our board. In particular we are looking for someone to run our campaigns. You don’t need a lot of qualifications, you just need a real zeal and to be a good listener. Many people have ideas on how to make money. Very few people have the time and energy to enact those plans. We need board members and a campaign chair in particular,” David said.

Thanks to CBC Yukon for the (air)time and this excellent series!

If you are interested in joining our board as a volunteer please reach out: ed@UnitedWayYukon.ca

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