President’s Message

Each year United Way Yukon supports between 12 and 22 projects run by local organizations. When you donate, you are supporting effective projects that help members of our Yukon family succeed.

What does it mean to be a family?

In the Yukon, people try to care for each other and help those who need help. We are a strong family. Local papers and radio regularly share stories of Yukoners helping one another through tough times, whether it’s a sudden death, a lost dog or a car stuck in the snow.

When you donate to United Way Yukon, you send kids to camp. Some kids have learning disabilities, some have physical disabilities, and some need strong role models – you help kids be all that kids can be.

Your donation helps the United Way feed hungry members of our Yukon family: women who need a meal, people with FASD, or youth who share their meal with elders, five days a week. You help people to be healthy and this makes our community strong.

Families take care of their weakest members. The United Way helps people who need a hair cut, some new clothes or just a day away from the grind on the streets to have those things. Our family sees possibility in our neighbors who need that help.

As you plan how you will allocate your donations this year, please think about your Yukon family. We believe United Way Yukon is an effective way for you to support those who need help, working through local organizations. Whether you give once a year, once a month or once a paycheque, you will know that you are powering change.

We are family.

Through the United Way, your donation will help others be the best that they can be. Work with us, support us, and be a member of our family.

David Whiteside
President, United Way Yukon