Donor recognition 2022

Did you know? When you donate through United way Yukon, you can choose to support a specific project, or contribute to our Community Investment Fund. You can choose to have your name listed here in recognition or donate anonymously.

Thank you all for investing in your community, your neighbours, your co-workers and for helping Yukoners of all ages! Donations allow us to say “yes” more often as we allocate funds.

Donors to Community Investment Fund

Scotiabank BC & Yukon Regional Office Employee Giving Campaign$8220
RBC Foundation$5000
BMO Financial Group$2500
TD Bank$675
North of 60 Petro$500
Algoma Central Corporation$381

Donors to Yukon Energy Food Security Network

Alkan Air$500
A&W Whitehorse$500
New Age Drilling$1000
Government of Yukon$100,000
Government of Yukon, Health and Social Services$5237.50
Sysco Canada$15,000

Donors and contributors to Yukon 211

This year, United Way Yukon is pleased to have signed a 2-year funding agreement with the Government of Yukon through the department of Health and Social Services.

Government of Yukon (Health and Social Services) contribution for 2022$65,000
(A contribution of $65,000 is also pledged for 2023)

Media Supporters

We are grateful for the support we received in 2022 from CKRW, CHON-FM and CBC for helping with advertising, promotion and live radio interviews that helped make our annual Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction a success. 

The support you provide connects your listeners to so many Yukon non-profits and community events it is difficult to put a value on it. Your support means the world to us!

United Way Yukon 365 Club

Through regular monthly giving, or with a one-time donation, the following individuals donate at least $365, or $1/day, to help United Way Yukon make our communities stronger, healthier and more resilient.  Join the 365 Club by making payroll donations, monthly giving through our website, or one-time donations.
  • John Berg / Tjitske van der Eide
  • Dianne Bruce
  • Sonya Darling
  • Suzanne Duncan
  • Lynda Ehrlich
  • Ian Fraser
  • Ursula Geisler
  • Carol Ann Gingras
  • Julie Hawkins
  • Lorraine Hoyt
  • Nicole Jack
  • Wendy Kitchen
  • Sharon MacCoubrey
  • Joel Macht
  • Jennifer Mauro
  • John McDonald
  • Laura McFeeters
  • Leslie McRae
  • Don McReady
  • Jean Murphy
  • Andrew Neufeld
  • Sarah-Naomi Norlin
  • Matthew Ooms
  • Byron Richards
  • Victoria Taylor
  • James Tredger

Apologies to anyone we have missed!  Some donations come to us through third party sources, or lump sum payments from companies, making it difficult to identify you.