Long-term projects

United Way Yukon contributes funding to established community groups every year. You can review funding allocated to groups on this page.

We also contribute to new initiatives and special projects. These projects are sometimes the result of new partnerships in Yukon or represent a new approach.

In 2021, work continues on two special projects:

Yukon Energy Food Security Network


The YE Food Network is focusing on food security across Yukon. The goal is the establishment of a collaborative food security network within each Yukon community.

This a partnership between United Way Yukon, the Whitehorse Food Bank and the Yukon Anti Poverty Coalition, energized with support and sponsorship from Yukon Energy.

In 2020 this agency published a comprehensive report on food security in Yukon. The next step is to build on what has been learned and mobilize volunteers in all communities to make healthy, affordable food more avaialble.

Read more here about this initiative

Wallet Wisdom


This partnership with Yukon Learn provided a financial literacy and technology courses in Yukon Communities, blending online tutoring via Zoom and COVID-19 safe one-on-one in-person tutoring by appointment.